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Wednesday Jul 13,2016

Happy Birthday Jacque

#WW and then some...

Let's lift...and hit it littttttttle metcon at the end.

Body Analytics will be here Thursday, sign up sheet on the white board, along with the information about the session.  Want to read more?  Read more here...

Once you know where you are body composition wise you can set your goals according to where you are now.

WW Wod:
With a running clock EMOM x8 (min 0-8)

2 squat snatches @ 75%

rest 4:00

at the 12 min mark  

EMOM x8 (12-20)

2 squat cleans @ 75%

rest 4 mins

at the 24:00 min mark

6' amrap  

3 strict hspu

6 burpees

9 air squats

0% 0%