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Monday Apr 16,2018

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Power Clean and Jerk

Power Clean and Jerk, build to a heavy single

Heavy is relative for the day. Moving well?  Feeling great?  Build that weight on up!  You may just PR!

Feeling a litte sore, tight, or nursing a food or alochol hangover from the weekend?  Back off and focus on your technique.  

Not sure?  Ask you coach.

100% 0%

Codi135 Rx 140 clean and missed the jerk
Heidi160  need footwork drills!!
Jennah140# Rx PR Power clean match/Missed the jerk
Michelle140 Rx
Adrie120 Rx
Heidi 9:27pm
GREAT JOB TODAY and way to log your times ladies!  #girlscrushinggirls