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HeidiJun 26,2017
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HeidiJun 29,2017
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HeidiJul 2,2017
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Thursday, Jun 1, 2017

Anniversary Gloria-2

Hi all. Wanted to share an upcoming event for San Antonio firefighter Scotty Deem.  This is not a competition this is a fundraiser event.  What a great way to support our city, our first responders, and the family of Scotty Deem.

Heads up!  Anniversary shirts will be billed with this months fit aids/supplement purchases.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PAY FOR THE TSHIRT BY CASH OR ANOTHER WAY THAN YOUR ACCOUNT/CC ON FILE LET ME KNOW ASAP!  Total for 1 shirt is $27.06 :) THANK YOU!

Hi all.  
Classes are cancelled until 5pm tomorrow due to flooding in the gym. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Body Analytics will be at Tobin next week.  If you are interested in learning your body fat percentage, sign up on the white board.  Tuesday June 6, from 4-7pm. You can then learn how to use that number to tailor your nutritional and fitness goals!  

Fit Kids Camp begins Tuesday June 13th!! Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 10am.  The camp is 6 weeks long and is $99.  Parents who are not members are more than welcome to enroll their child! Non-member price $129. Analina is our instructor and she is super excited to help your kids this summer and make fitness fun!

1 Mile Run
Max Clean & Jerk (135/95) in remaining time
800 Meter Run  
Max Power Snatch (115/80) in remaining time
400 Meter Run
Max Thrusters (95/65) in remaining time

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Chosen as WOD: Thu,Jun 1,2017
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