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Monday Jun 18,2018

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A little BS on a Monday...Nose Bleed

A little BS on a Monday...

Box Squats

On the Minute x 10:
2 Box Squats

Box height is set to just below parallel.  
Start at 50-60% of 1RM BS and work up.

Why Box Squat?  Read up on some of the benefits!!!

Enforces Proper Technique

One of the great things about box squatting is that an athlete will always have to break parallel in order to reach the box during the eccentric phase of the lift. When free squatting, there is a tendency for athletes to squat higher as the weights get heavier. Box squatting eliminates that entirely, and after consistent practice with the box, an athlete should always break parallel for all squats. Furthermore, box squatting helps teach correct squatting technique by ensuring that an athlete sits back completely when descending, rather than just dropping down and bouncing up.

Improves Mobility and range of motion
Box squatting is a form of ballistic stretching, and can be an excellent method to assist with poor flexibility and range of motion and provides an easy way to measure progress. If an athlete can’t break parallel on the squat, set the box to a height that is above parallel. If this is still too hard, simply stack a 45lb plate on top of the box (or however many are needed). As an athlete develops their range of motion in the squat, you can start to strip the plates away and adjust the box height until they are able to consistently break parallel.

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